Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Penne Rustica: Revisited

Remember this recipe?
I thought I'd remind you that it's great. I made it again the other night and wanted to share a couple tips. First off, I liked it even better with whole wheat rotini and/or bowtie pasta. I think the other ingredients just stick better to these pastas than to penne. Next, it's all about the veggies. The more artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, zuccini, red onion, and basil—the better. So keep the veggie to pasta ratio heavy on the veggetables.

Have these tips convinced you to try this one? It's a healthy pasta you shouldn't pass up. Have a great week! I've got a to-die-for buttermilk banana bread recipe coming soon.

*Need another to use up those roasted red peppers in? Try Real Simple's provolone and roasted red pepper crisps.


Melanie said...

Ok, I'm convinced. Really. I'm saving the recipe right now to make soon.

Ashley said...

We're having this next week!! Thanks!!