Monday, August 17, 2009

Chili Frito Pie

A great way to eat chili.

Did anyone else grow up on chili frito pie? Seriously, I'm curious! I haven't made this in a long time, but tonight Ryan was working late and I felt like cuddling up with something warm and homey. Few things take me back to my growing up years like chili frito pie.

My mom makes a super-simple, weeknight chili that only involves 5 ingredients: browned hamburger, diced white onion, a can of ranch style beans, a small can of tomato sauce, and a tablespoon or so of chili powder. The secret ingredient is the ranch style beans—This simple can is full of spices (chili peppers, garlic salt, onion powder, paprika, etc.), meaning it does all the work for you.

But even if you never try this oh-so-easy chili, definitely be sure to make the pie—Layer fritos, chili, cheese, and onions, and enjoy!


Jeni said...

We had something similar, just a few more ingredients, like rice instead of beans. We call it frito casserole! (yes, it sounds pretty white trash, but it's amazing!)

Tiffany said...

One of my favorites too. I can't just eat plain chili I have to add the Frito's, sour cream, cheese, etc. Love it!

Ashley said...

We grew up with something similar only we called it Garbage (and it always makes a fun joke with Adalyn). We layer chili, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese and use the frito scoops to scoop it out. This is a fabulous camping meal!